Have the Narnia films subverted Lewis’ vision?

Steven D. Boyer writes compellingly in Narnia Invaded: How the New Films Subvert Lewis’ Vision that the creators of the recent Narnia movies have quite literally lost the plot because they failed to understand C.S. Lewis’ worldview.

The creators of this “new improved” Narnia have taken the single element in Lewis’s tales that twenty-first-century viewers most need to be instructed in, and they have recast it so that it contributes to the error rather than correcting it.

Lewis the physician prescribed a strong medicine to treat our imaginative ailment, but the pharmacists in Hollywood have substituted a different medicine of the same name, and one that exacerbates the sickness instead of healing it. As a result, viewers encounter what they think is Narnia, and they get mere entertainment instead of the richly Christian view of the world that Lewis himself provided.

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