Schaeffer on ‘The Christian Life as a Work of Art’

I’ve just finished reading Art and the Bible by Francis A. Schaeffer. It’s an excellent little book (only 94 pages!) and the first one I’ve read by Schaeffer — but not the last I expect!

Here’s a little quote from the end of the book:

No work of art is more important than the Christian’s own life, and every Christian is cared upon to be an artist in this sense. He may have no gift of writing, no gift of composing or singing, but each man has the gift of creativity in terms of the way he lives his life. In this sense, the Christian’s life is to be an art work. The Christian’s life is to be a thing of beauty in the midst of a lost and despairing world.

Art and the Bible is available online from Amazon US and Amazon UK.


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