Schoolboy ‘hair-ror’

*readers groan* (sorry for the pun; couldn’t help myself!)

As I found out this evening, using my hair clipper with the 3mm guide comb does not have quite the same effect as the 9mm guide comb that I usually use.

Looking in the mirror about midway through the haircut, I suddenly realised why there seemed to be so much hair coming off even though I had only cut it three weeks ago! Whoops!



3 Responses to “Schoolboy ‘hair-ror’”

  1. Can you believe I actually miss that face? 🙂

  2. Roland Ambrose Says:
    January 19, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Looked like someone whom just come out of rehabilitation 😛

  3. i don’t like razors so i always use hair clippers to cut my hair “-*

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