Shining Like Stars by Lindsay Brown

When I was little, my Mum would read stories to me each night before bed. I think that was probably one of my favourite times of the day. When my mum stopped each night and said, ‘It’s time for lights out now’, I would often beg her for ‘just one more chapter’. Of course when I learnt to read that changed things a bit as I could read for as long as I liked (or could stay awake for).

Shining Like Stars: The power of the gospel in the world’s universities is a book full of short stories published by IVP in 2006. It was written by Lindsay Brown, former General Secretary of IFES and currently an International Director for The Lausanne Movement.

Why should you read these stories?

Six reasons –

  1. They are stories about Christian students from all over the world, stories of young men and women stepping out and making a difference.
  2. Not just stories of what students are doing, but more importantly stories of what God is doing!
  3. Seeing the big picture. Reading about the passion for the gospel of these students and the sacrifices they have made can help us get our perspectives right.
  4. Each generation and society has its blind spots. If we don’t read about what happens in different places and in different generations other than our own, we miss the opportunity to pick up on these blind spots and learn from their mistakes.
  5. It is an easy book to read.
  6. Price. The last time I checked, you could buy a 2nd-hand copy from Amazon for £2.76 (including p&p).

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