Why I love Firefox

The three most popular web browsers in use today are Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari. IE comes pre-packaged with Windows and with Window’s share of the operating system market slightly under 90%, it is not surprising that IE is used by 70% of Internet users. Firefox and Safari, the two other major browsers, account for 20% and 7% of Internet traffic respectively [1, 2].

I’m one of those Windows users who have decided that although IE comes installed with Windows, it isn’t the best browser available.

While some of the features in Firefox, such as tabbed browsing, are now available in all major browsers, there was a time when Firefox was the only browser that offered them. After getting my eyes, mouse habits and fingers used to using Firefox, even when other browser caught up with Firefox, I saw no reason to switch.

Reasons I use Firefox as my main browser

Customizability with add-ons/extensions
The number and range of extensions that are available for Firefox is substantial. Most of these are produced by an enthusiastic band of third-party developers. Some of my favourites are AdBlock Plus, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, CustomizeGoogle, FoxClocks and Mouse Gestures Redox.

Tabbed browsing
Let’s me have multiple webpages open in one browser window. Now available in IE as well, but ‘too little, too late’ for me.

Adjustable page zoom
Page zoom; not just text zoom.

Smart keywords
Smart keywords are a fast way to search a website right from the Location Bar. For example, if I’m looking for ‘Tailor of Gloucester’ on Amazon, I type ‘a The Tailor of Gloucester’ and it sends me straight to the search results on Amazon’s webpage. Find out more: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/smart-keywords.html

Spell checker
Greatly decreases the likelihood of me leaving misspelt message on my friends’ walls on Facebook or sending embarrassing web mails. Also lets me know why the word I’m searching for on Google doesn’t give me any results.

While no browser offers 100% protection, I find Firefox does a better job than the other browsers.

Reliability + standards compliance
Firefox works as it is supposed to and breaks relatively infrequently.

Incremental or ‘find as you type’ search
This means that while viewing a web page, I can find any word on it by just starting to type the word. No need to click Edit > Find or Ctrl+F to search.


While I enjoy using Firefox for the majority of my Internet browsing, I haven’t given IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome the boot yet. Sadly, some websites only work properly with one of these browsers.

If you want to give Firefox a try it’s a free download from http://www.mozilla.com/firefox

[1] http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=1
[2] http://marketshare.hitslink.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?qprid=8


6 Responses to “Why I love Firefox”

  1. opera dude, opera! u should try it, i was a proud FF user until ive tryd opera, dat day was ma internet surfin changed 4ever! anyway ofc FF is betta dan IE, bt who isnt lol?

  2. DUDE im a safari user through and through!

  3. @Andy I do like Opera and have got the mini version on my phone. I don't think it adds much to FF apart from a possible improvement in speed. Opera would probably be my 2nd choice browser, although Chrome is pretty nice too.@RaphaelI would probably be too – if I were a Mac user that is! 😉

  4. Well I agree, FF is cool I would not change it for anything else.

  5. mark are we gettting bored we seem to have an array of marks top tips maybe a website shoudl be created??

  6. yeah mark!!firefox is good!i've got lotsa add-ons datpossibly none could give….

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