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Bitcoin Cash

Which country's currency is Bitcoin?


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Have you decided to start trading with the BCH/USDT pair? Then you need to perform a few simple actions:

  1. Register in StormGain (registration only requires an email address).
  2. Top up the balance (you can replenish the balance with a bank card, transfer funds to the StormGain wallet from another crypto wallet or use the exchange).
  3. Select the BCH/USDT trading pair and open a deal!

You can use crypto trading signals for the Bitcoin Cash/Tether pair to increase income or just check your strategy.

Why does my country ban Bitcoin mining?

We offer a product that is convenient for cryptocurrency trading, like no other. All the tools that you need are in one application, which is always at hand. You can access your account 24/7 from any device and any country in the world.

Low-interest fees for operations and a generous bonus system is what make the StormGain experience particularly attractive in the eyes of our users. You can receive up to 10% on your wallet and up to 15% on deposit!

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Before embarking on building a trading strategy, you need to familiarise yourself with the latest news regarding Bitcoin Cash and general global trends. As you know, the Tether rate (USDT) is fully correlated with the US dollar. Therefore, when choosing tactics, in addition to technical analysis, you must also use methods of fundamental analysis. Visit our education academy to learn more about cryptocurrency trading and, in particular, the BCH/USDT pair.

For more successful transactions, use BCH/USDT trading signals, which you can find in the mobile application for Android and iOS.

How to withdraw money from Bitcoin wallet?

Crypto trading signals are available free of charge to all users of the StormGain mobile application. You can find them on the BCH/USDT trading pair page by clicking on the ‘signals to buy (sell)’ button.

The application is available for phones with Android and iOS software. You can download it on the the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Start your first crypto trading experience with our $50,000 demo account and trading signals.

How to get free Bitcoins?

Choosing a currency pair is often an urgent problem for a novice trader. Many try to trade exclusively with one currency pair, others simultaneously with several, and some try cross rates.

The BCH/USDT trading pair is a good option for making money in short periods. The main thing to remember is that a successful strategy involves understanding what affects the Bitcoin Cash rate and the price of the instrument.

You can also use BCH/USDT trading signals, which are available in the application.

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StormGain invites everyone to collaborate through the international affiliate program FPM.Global.

To participate in the program, you can choose a payment plan that is convenient for you. We offer up to $1,200 for attracting a qualified trader or up to 50% of gross income, depending on the quality of the traffic provided. Besides, you can choose a flexible plan.

Join and earn with StormGain!

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Take advantage of a $50,000 demo account, a multiplier of up to 500x and crypto trading signals in our mobile app.