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The behaviour of the BTC/USDT trading pair brings excitement to anyone who has at least a little interest in cryptocurrencies. The BTC price affects the crypto market as a whole. With an increase in its price, the general interest of users in the industry always increases. The USDT price fully correlates with the current price of the US dollar.

StormGain provides the option of trading the Bitcoin/Tether pair through the application or the web platform.

To get started, you need to register at StormGain, replenish the balance (you can do this with a bank card using Simplex or through another crypto wallet), then choose and start trading BTC/USDT.

Use the trading signals available in our mobile application to increase your profit!

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StormGain stands out because of the number of advantages it offers compared to other crypto platforms. Our users like the convenience and versatility of our mobile application and web platform. The ability to use a wallet, an exchange and trading tools in one application won’t just allow you to quickly and conveniently work with cryptocurrencies, but to also save on commissions.

You can manage your assets anywhere, anytime and from any device. Thanks to the use of Simplex, you can deposit and withdraw funds directly to your bank card.

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Bitcoin is certainly the leader among cryptocurrencies, which makes it the most talked about and predictable crypto coin.

On the Internet, you can find a huge amount of information on the price of Bitcoin, as everyone wants to know the forecast. We suggest that you read articles from several traders you can trust and avoid small publications that have an unverified reputation, in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the analysis of the Bitcoin/Tether trading pair.

For independent forecasting, you can use the analysis methods described in the StormGain training materials.

You can also use the BTC/USDT crypto trading signals, which are available to all users of our mobile application, totally for free!

Trade Bitcoin with StormGain!

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You can find signals for the BTC/USDT trading pair in our mobile application on page the trading instruments page. To view the signal, click on the ‘signals to buy (sell)’ button, then ‘use signal’ to open a deal.

We’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that we provide an up to 200x multiplier for the BTC/USDT trading pair.

Trade Bitcoin/Tether anytime and anywhere with StormGain!

How do ordinary people play Bitcoin?

Of course! The BTC/USDT trading pair is the most popular pair on the cryptocurrency market and is a great decision for day trading. You can use our trading signals, which are available in the mobile application.

If you want to trade BTC/USDT with minimal risk, it is important to the necessary work as a trader. Traders should always be aware of the three main components of trading in any market, before engaging in it. All three aspects are crucial because they complement each other, and one weak link can lead to failure. These components include:

  1. Trading strategy;
  2. Trading psychology;
  3. Risk management.

Keep an eye on the events and keep up to date with the latest news.

This is how Bitcoin works

If you want to earn money with StormGain, join the worldwide affiliate program FPM.Global.

They offer payouts of up to $1,200 for an experienced trader or up to 50% of revenue share. You can also choose a flexible payment plan.

To start, you just need to register and indicate your traffic sources, after which our managers will contact you and offer comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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Take advantage of a $50,000 demo account, a multiplier of up to 500x and crypto trading signals in our mobile app.