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Play games to earn Bitcoin mobile games Unlocked Crypto Staking Wallet

Earn profit from your holdings without blocking your funds with StormGain cryptocurrency staking wallet

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Get Started Easily

Fund Your Account

In order to start staking with StormGain, you will need to deposit funds to your account.

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Activate Staking

Enter the wallet section and activate unlocked staking.

Start Earning

That is it. You have started earning interest now in your StormGain account.



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Earn interest

Turn your earned interest into profit with our Margin Trading up to 300x Leverage


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Exchange, hodl or transfer your assets, all possible options and tools are built-in and at your disposal

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Standard Gold Platinum Diamond VIP VIP 2 VIP 3

Trading and exchange volume
No 150,000

You can activate Unlocked Staking that will generate interest from your balance that can be used for trading
Unlocked Staking APY
2% 10% 11% 12% 15% 18% 20%
Enjoy discounted commissions for converting crypto.
Exchange commission
0.095% 0.085% 0.08% 0.075% 0.07% 0.065% 0.06%
Cloud Miner makes it possible to mine BTC coins on StormGain's servers. Activate the Miner in 4 hour-shifts and withdraw funds to your wallet when you reach the equivalent of at least 10 USDT in BTC.
Mining speed
×0.5 ×1 ×3 ×12 ×38 ×86 ×530
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Crypto Staking FAQ

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Classic staking means holding or 'freezing' a certain amount of funds in your wallet to earn interest on the cryptocurrency you own. Unlike traditional staking, unlocked staking lets you earn profit on assets without freezing them. That means that users can receive passive income through fixed interest, all while being able to make other operations, like trading and exchanging, on the StormGain platform.

Bitcoin official website login entrance

Selected 'Unlocked Staking' in the 'Wallets' section.

Then, click/tap 'Stake' in the window the appears. All funds in your account are used to generate passive income. After you active Unlocked Staking, you'll see a countdown panel showing how much time is left until the next active session. To continue earning passive income, you'll need to return to the platform and activate 'Stake' again.

What gaming equipment can be bought with virtual currency?

The amount of interest you earn directly depends on your StormGain loyalty programme status. The higher your status is, the higher your staking interest rate will be. You can find current interest rates on the loyalty programme page.

Play games to earn Bitcoin mobile games

The earned interest is automatically added to your balance immediately after a staking session ends.

Payouts are made in Tether (USDT) by default. After your first payout, you'll see 'Total interest earned' in the 'Unlocked Staking' section. This is where you can track how much you've earned from staking for a selected session.

Important! If you've withdrawn funds (or spent them via trading operations), you won't earn interest from staking for the session.

Which games can earn you Bitcoin?

All funds you earn can be used for trading only. Any profit you make during those trades is yours to exchange or withdraw.

Which games can earn you Bitcoin?